We're sorry, but we decided to rework our web page to make it more informative for the model trolley enthusiast. In the meantime, we are still available for phone calls and emails.

Email us anytime at: berkshirecarshop{at}

We are typically available for phone calls from 7—10 pm Eastern Time Monday—Friday and 10—10 on weekends.

Please leave a message if we are not in.

Most people contact us by email with questions.

Stay tuned for more information.

The Berkshire Car Shop

505 Mourning Dove Road

Audubon, PA 19403-1807


Our office is open by appointment only. Please call ahead.


In the meantime, here are some interesting items that you are probably looking for:

      Overhead Wire & Fittings Listing

We carry all available overhead hangers, frogs, crossings and contact wire that are in current or past production

      Single Point Turnout Kits

Either RH or LH point and mate castings compatible with code 125 rail.

      NEW Traction Kits & Bodies—UPDATE

Many new items have currently been produced or are in the production pipeline .

1.   TORONTO CLRV kits.  The kits include a one piece body casting, detailed and engineered floor, complete interior, new decal sheet

2.   Air-electric PCC kits.  Each kit includes a one piece body casting, lower floor and upper floor with integral seats, and extra exterior detail parts.

3.   Philadelphia SEPTA SE Kawasaki LRV.  The patterns were recently purchased and will be in production soon.

4.   Philadelphia Red Arrow DE Kawasaki LRV.  The patterns were recently purchased and will be in production soon.

5.   Philadelphia P & W Bullet high speed car.  The patterns were recently purchased and will be in production soon.

6.   L&WV Laurel Line steel interurbans.  Included are four cars: the long and short combines and coaches.  They are available in O, HO & N scales.  The O and N models are available from our  shop on the Shapeways site.  The HO cars are cast in epoxy and available at the shop.

7.   The C&LE freight containers and flat car.  The containers were developed in CAD, 3D printed and cast in epoxy.  These are some of the most highly detailed transit models components ever made.  The flat cars were just 3D printed for the third time to get the best available detail.  New unique decals were developed especially for the containers and flat cars.

8.   New decals.  C&LE freight and passenger, C&LE containers and flat cars, Illinois Terminal steel & wood cabooses

      NEW Art Deco Building Components

Five separate panels were designed and produced to model a building in IL and other buildings of similar Art Deco design.  These panels allow the development of buildings of different sizes and designs.  Very few models have been produced in this type.  The panels have a tremendous amount of surface detail that has not been included in any commercial model to date.


What also carry products from: Copetown, LaBelle, Franklin, Ashland, Midco, BronzeKey, Clouser, Imperial, Rivers,  OToole, East Gary, ICC, Pittman, St. Petersburg Tram Collection, Car Works, MTS Imports, Kidder, Pacific Traction, Q Car, Precision Scale, Gary Johnson, Ed Owen, Wagner, and many scratch built and custom products and models.